CamGirls in Reddit.

A new approach to cam models promotion.

Reddit is a social platform different than any other. In Reddit the discussions are genuine authentic and essential.

In conventional social media like Facebook, instagram or even Twitter, members adapt a rather superficial approach on their posts. Meaningless questions, non-descriptive advertisement and posts are usually limited to ‘modelX now online’ – with a photo, mainly trying to inform already fans but using obsolete technology. These media do not have penetration power in the mind of the reader.

But in Reddit things are completely different.

Reddit is a very big site, moderated by its own members. Any member may start a topic, called “subreddit”. That topic, must be moderated by its owner frequently and according to the rules of Reddit in order to continue to exist.

There are almost 170.000 subreddits right now, each one with very specific niche. The MODS can engage other MODS as the subreddit grows, they can publish their own rules.

For example rules concerning the quality of photos, the frequency of posting, allowing duplicate or not, if someone is allowed to post external links. Mods are usually creating BOTS to auto-moderate and they personally watch each and every post.

Reddit is very sensitive to spam, bans are not lifted and if you make another account to pass the ban of a subreddit you’re banned from Reddit completely.

Reddit is not accepting anymore paid adult advertising.

It’s easy to get ban and much easier to get a ‘Shadow Ban’ . Shadow ban works like this: They give you a ‘ spam rank ‘ if you post too often. The the bigger that number is, the less your posts appear in the audience.
For example, you may believe that you’re posting but your posts are shown in 20% of the audience.

Post impact in Reddit

On the left side of each post, you’ll see a red and a black arrow. If you press the red the post goes up. If you press the black the post goes down. ONLY THE AUDIENCE decides by their votes which article will go up. It is a democratic site.

But there is also the option to sort articles by Controversials. An article with 1000 ups and 1000 downs is controversial and is not the same as a non-interesting article.

For these reasons it is not realistic to create a global campaign for all Reddit and advertisers are leaving this out of their plans. Reddit is still virgin.

What we can do in Reddit.

We discovered this:

  • Some thousands of Subreddits classified by categories.
  • We read and applied posting rules for each one.
  • We crawl by our engines audience and found the best time to post for each subreddit
  • Fetish work best if you follow rules for each subreddit.
  • We developed Headline Producing algorigms using NLP technology with input from the model’s BIO.
  • All this process is made automatically in less than one minute.
  • Where is the traffic sent: To YOUR Whitelabel. And if you have a studio AND a white label the traffic goes TO your Model, Through YOUR WL.

Try it by yourself FREE using the Smart Poster on this page.

You’ll need an access code. Ask me here to give you one. You’ll need telegram.

Finally, here’s a small tutorial to use the Smart Poster.