No matter which site you’re working with, you have lots of time just waiting.

Before a customer to pay you , he must like you at first glance, and then to continue liking you after watching you. He must feel you can give him pleasure fulfilling a fantasy from cam.

There are many fantasies, mostly vanilla fetish like High Heels, Stockings, Feet, SPH but also roleplay, bondage, deepthroating and much more of course.

The question is – how good are you in fulfilling such a fantasy and how to attract people to your room.

For the second part, well, we’re not promising magic things here, but we did a lot of research in Reddit especially, and other small forums and we also build a procedure to expose fetish to related forums.

For example: If you have a collection of High Heels, here https://www.reddit.com/r/HighHeels/ is one of the correct places to show it.

However in Reddit posting is not so easy as I explain here https://edelweiss.studio/reddit-advertisement/ but we have collected around 2.000 relevant topics ( all Reddit is 180.000) so we can post correctly for you if you provide us with relevant photos.

By ‘posting correctly’ I mean that we post at the time when audience is maximum ( we know this) and to not overposting to avoid ban.

More than that: The LINK we will post for the new customer to follow will be YOUR link. That means, you will win double the money the customer will spent for you, but you’ll also get almost 35% from ANY money that the customer you brought spend with ANY performer for lifetime.

How much do I want for this: Well, $1 per one post, no low limits. Send me $1 and I will post once for you. Drop me a note here https://edelweiss.studio/contact/ and I’ll be back to you asap. Fair enough?